Gra2003 Live Exhibition is the digital display of the showroom that Gra2003 would show this year at Marmomac.


So to keep you up to date about natural stone, we decided to launch the Gra2003 Live Exhibition which aims to improve your granite knowledge.

Improve Your Granite Knowledge

On September the 23rd, 24th and 25th Gra2003 Live Exhibition presents the first online showroom with a LIVE transmission presenting selected granites and also the entire factory, in an unprecedented and non-stop tour.

  • Identify the best granite for your projects
  • Understand the main differences between finishes
  • Learn about granite characteristics
  • Make smarter choices.

The Gra2003 Online Fair


Starting at 10:00, the LIVE Exhibition starts with 3 selected granite and its characteristics. You will be able to post your questions and get real-time answers.


Starting at 10:00 (Lisbon time) the exhibition presents 4 of the most wanted granites right now.

After we will offer a trip inside Gra2003 factory demonstrating the main transformation processes and how the products and finishes, most requested, are made.



Every live transmission will last roughly 25 minutes, followed by 10 extra minutes of questions and answers.

Participants will also be able to schedule video conference sessions with the hosts in the afternoon.


To learn more and watch the Gra2003 Live Exhibition


Press folder, here.