updated: 25/03/2021

Cracked and sawn granite facades are the most sought after.


Granite covering is used on facades on exterior walls since the earliest times.


The architectural offices that use the granite facades for their strength have also created new shapes and finishes that make modern granite buildings.


Normally, the granite for ventilated facades is cut to a thickness of 30-40 mm. The most sought after finishes, for granite façades, continue to be cracked and sawed.


Besides beauty, granite is more sustainable than most materials.


granite façade, granito amarelo texturado gra2003

Textured granite mixed with wood panels.

granite façade, fachadas em granito cinzento gra2003

Gray granite facade of Breuer, NY.

fachada em granito tosco gra2003

This home applied granite with rough dry joint finish.

granite façade, fachada em granito amarelo gra2003

This building applies long granite slabs on the facade.

fachada em granito cinzento gra2003

House with gray granite facade and unusual finish.

fachada em granito amarelo serrado gra2003

Public building with partly granite facade.


  1. nobility
  2. durability
  3. aesthetically pleasing
  4. relatively maintenance-free
  5. low carbon footprint compared to other materials.
granite facades cladding gra2003 alpendurada portugal
Campus Canteen by Knowspace. Granite Facade Cladding
granite facades cladding gra2003 alpendurada portugal
Aga Khan Museum by Fumihiko Maki
granite facades cladding gra2003 alpendurada portugal
Richtiring office building by Max Dudler completes the new Richti city district. Granite Facade Cladding
Archaeological park of cave art ©Santos Díez Photography. Image Courtesy of Cluster del Granito


There are significant types of anchors to support the granite facade panels. Direct and indirect anchorage methods for stones are now available and there are also solutions for any kind of granite buildings.

Direct anchorage (bonding and sealing); Indirect anchorage (with staples and points of mortar, with grout in anchors and metal support substructure).

Granite facades can be Sawed, polished, sandblasted, bush-hammered, rough-sawn, thermal finish, smoothed and scratched.