«The short answer is NO: granite won’t become dated because it’s a 100% natural material.

Wood, stone, plants – these things don’t go out of style.» — says ArchCity guys.

We couldn’t agree more. We at Gra2003 are in this business for decades and granite never verified significant low demand due to granite out of popularity. Actually, granite is trending in interior design.

The colours and pattern in each slab of granite were made without human intervention long before there was even such a thing as design trends.

Of course, certain colours and patterns will be more popular at certain times, but the material itself will never go out of style. The same is true about wood, the natural material used in homes.

grey granite pavement
grey and white granite pavament
grey dark grey granite

We believe that what makes granite seems to be going out of style is the product design (like common flooring or common countertops) and maybe some colours that tend to be less used.

But style and trends depend on architects, product designer and interior designers using this material and using it in different ways and approaches. Creativity and boldness play an import role in granite popularity.

Granite won’t ever go out of style, but even when people take a break on granite, it’s also true that granite demand keeps growing.

grey granite decor
Balcão de cozinha em granito

Today trends use more whites, greys and blacks granites from flooring, paving to countertops. Preference for soft neutral tones is a common theme running throughout the home and city squares in upcoming décor and design trends.

While there are a few popular colours that are found in huge quarries, most granite is only available in a limited amount.

The same quarry may produce totally different looking colours as the quarrying continues in different directions.

So, choosing granite is more like choosing limited edition art pieces than choosing a tile or wall colour.

yellow granite pave
grey granite pave
granite pavement

«Natural stones, including granite, are timeless and stylish material that will never become unfashionable or obsolete.» — Miley Jacobs, Natural Stone Exporter

«No, granite countertops are not going out of style. Though the introduction of quartz and travertine has given homeowners and designers, an optional choice, granite continues to be a favourite with many people.» — Joe Morgan, Sales Manager

Updated: 02/03/2021


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