GRA2003 Steals the Spotlight at Marmomac 2023 – Showcasing the Best Yellow and Grey Granite from Their Quarries

Verona, Italy

The world-renowned natural stone fair, Marmomac 2023, is abuzz with excitement as GRA2003 takes centre stage, unveiling the beauty of Yellow and Grey Granite sourced directly from their quarries.


Marmomac, recognized as the pinnacle event for the natural stone industry, draws enthusiasts and experts alike to the enchanting city of Verona, Italy.

Amidst the grandeur of historic architecture, GRA2003 stands proud, showcasing its finest creations that exemplify the timeless allure of Yellow and Grey Granite.


The allure lies in the simplicity of natural stone, and GRA2003 has mastered the art of extracting and presenting the essence of nature’s marvel.

Our quarries hold the key to mesmerizing patterns and stunning colour variations that distinguish Yellow and Grey Granite from the rest.


The exhibit boasts no extravagant displays or elaborate setups – just pure, unadulterated beauty. 


Pieces of Yellow and Grey Granite stand tall, a testament to GRA2003’s commitment to authentic craftsmanship and ethical sourcing.

At the GRA2003 booth (Hall 11), the focus is solely on the essence of the stone itself.

No flowery words are needed to describe the magnificence before your eyes. It’s an experience that speaks for itself – a celebration of nature’s elegance.

Be sure to mark your calendar.

Date: 26 – 29 September

Location: Verona, Italy: VeronaFiere

GRA2003 Booth: Hall 11, Booth B3

Architects & Designers Wish Answered

Architects, designers, and industry connoisseurs gather to witness GRA2003’s ingenuity in applying Yellow and Grey Granite to a myriad of architectural projects. From contemporary facades to traditional sculptures, the versatility of this natural stone knows no bounds.


GRA2003 takes pride in more than just the visual appeal; sustainability is a cornerstone of our practices. With a commitment to preserving the environment and supporting the communities around their quarries, GRA2003 exemplifies the harmony between nature and industry.


Visitors walk away inspired, recognizing the potential of natural stone in shaping a sustainable future. GRA2003’s dedication to showcasing the best Yellow and Grey Granite sets a standard for excellence in the stone industry.

gra2003 granite quarry

As Marmomac 2023 draws to a close, GRA2003’s legacy continues. Their presence at the world’s leading fair for natural stone cements their reputation as purveyors of timeless elegance and responsible sourcing.


In a world where grand gestures often overpower substance, GRA2003 lets the stone speak for itself – a silent marvel awaiting discovery amidst the bustling fair.


Visit Marmomac 2023 and witness GRA2003’s tribute to the beauty of Yellow and Grey Granite, a masterpiece crafted by nature and presented with humility and grace.

Be sure to mark your calendar.

Date: 26 – 29 September

Location: Verona, Italy: VeronaFiere

GRA2003 Booth: Hall 11, Booth B3