We have put together a set of projects for stone houses that use granite as a building material.

Stone is a versatile, resistant, durable and affordable material whose use in traditional construction has been used for a long time all over the world.

It is a practical, neutral material and available in the region in which we find ourselves, especially granite.

The use of granite, in new recovery projects, has resulted in new features of contemporary architecture.

Therefore, we have brought together these projects that show how the use of granite as a building material can combine aesthetics, functionality and, in some cases, «the preservation of the memory of a building using local resources and techniques, as a result of the renovation and adaptive reuse of ancient ruins. » – Archdaily, 2020

casa em granito
Arq. Paulo Martins. Créditos ©Archdaily
casa em granito
Solar do Séc. XVIII. Créditos ©Homify
casa em granito
Créditos ©Homify
casa em granito
Aldeia das Dez. Créditos ©Homify
casa em granito
Casa MCR. Créditos ©Archdaily
moradia granito amarelo vila real
Casa de Miramar. Créditos ©Gra2003
rehabilitação casa de granito
Casa em Melgaço. Créditos ©Archdaily
moradia em granito
Casa Só. Porto de Mós ©Archdaily
casa em granito
Casa do Vigário. Créditos ©ArchDaily
casa em granito
Casa Costa Grande. Créditos: ao autor. ©Homify
Casa da Eira. Créditos ©Archdaily
casa em granito
Casa das Nogueiras. Créditos: José Campos. ©Archdaily