Gra2003 produces Urban Furniture made in granite.

So we developed Mascoto® urban granite furniture consisting of granite bench, granite planter and paper bin. There’s also a granite mobile phone charger block.

If you have a urban furniture project and want to reproduce any in granite talk to us. Our team can help you design custom-made projects.

Our experience in creating hand-made pieces combined with computer-assisted technology allows for more creativity in natural stone.

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granite bench mascoto gra2003
granite bench mascoto gra2003

Why you should opt for granite furniture.

Every granite furniture piece is made of natural granite extracted from our own quarries if you select blue or yellow granites. After the design process, granite is hand-carved or transformed by a CNC machine (or both). 

Only high-quality granite is used, but there are also many other reasons why you should invest in granite furniture.

  • Granite is more sustainable than most similar materials.
  • Granite never fades.
  • Granite adds natural design to the cityscape.
  • Granite requires very little maintenance.
  • The granite looks as good when you buy as years goes by.
  • Granite furniture does not require painting or varnishing.
  • Granite is heavy and sturdy, it can withstand all weather conditions, and even resist those street skateboarders.  

In conclusion, there are a some good reasons why you should opt for natural granite furniture, as it results in a safe investment for outdoor living.

You may choose from our products or you may design your own and start developing it with a little help from our team. Click to chat via WhatsApp or Messenger.

If you wish to see a wide range of granite colours available take a look at our granite.

granite bench mascoto gra2003
granite bench mascoto gra2003
gra2003_mobiliario urbano granito_urban furniture granite_emp_8252

Mobile phone charger block by induction.

Blue Granite bench open in the center to give it visual lightness.

Granite Flower pot.

Granite bin.

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